New SiTime Custom Part Request

Hi @Matt_Mielke,

Can we add SIT8008BIF11-33S-100.00000 to the list?


I will forward SiT8008BIF11-33S-100.000000G to be added into the system. The part should be available on the website in the next 48 hours.


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Hi Jeffrey Aberle,

Can you please add:


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Nick Smith

Hello Nick_Smith,

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SiT8008BI-72-18E-24.545452D is being added to the system and should be available on the website within the next 48 hours. Please check our website at that time for the part number.

Thank you!

Requesting addition of SIT8008BI-11-18E-14.31818D please.


I will forward the number SIT8008BI-11-18E-14.318180D to be added into the system. According to the SiTime decoder, an additional zero is needed in the part number.

Thank you!

Request addition of SiT8920BM-11-XXS-25.000000D please.

The part SiT8920BM-11-XXS-25.000000 should be available on the website in the next 48 hours. Thanks!

Part has been created,

Can you please add SIT3808AC-D2-33EE-2.000000 to the website?


I have again requested that this part be added. So until them you will need to go to to order it

What minimum quantity should we order if we need a very specific frequency like 123.456789 MHz for our application that nobody else is likely to use? Can we order these custom or confidentially to avoid cluttering up the Digi-Key catalog?


If we are able to program the SiTime part, then we would just add it to the system. Is there a specific part number you needed? Also, there are typically no MOQ’s on these parts.


I wanted to use the SIT8021, which on page 9/10 of its datasheet ordering information has a parameter for the output drive level. I am waiting on SiTime’s response for how to specify that.
According to the Time Machine programmer datasheet, the SIT8021 (CSP1508 package which is about 1x1.5mm) is supported but the DigiKey version doesn’t have that adapter. Do you have the CSP1508 adapter?
I may end up buying the Time Machine programmer and programming them myself to save a poor technician from needing to work with those tiny BGA’s.


At this time we are not yet set up to program the SIT8021 series. But, we might be able to program in the near future.

If you have the complete SIT8021 part, we will have to do a non-catalog request to find the manufacturing quantity, price, and lead times. Please send me a private message by clicking on my name, then we can discuss the details needed to process the quote.

I’m still checking to see if there is an adapter.


There is no socket available. Because of the size, there concerns about the part being damaged. The SIT8021 series parts would have to be programmed by the supplier.

Thank you.


I’d like to order SiTime part number SiT2001BC-S3-33N-57.272727. Can you please add it to your website?


Hello cwilkson,

Thank you for the new SiTime part addition. The part should be on the site within the next 48 hours. Please check the website at that time.

Hi Jeff_2258,

Thanks for the update! I’ll be watching for it.

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Still waiting for this part to be added; It’s been a few days since the initial request.