New SiTime Part Number

Hello. I would like to order SIT8008AC-23-33E-14.318181 but with a different frequency. I need 17.734475 Mhz.

Can that be added to the catalogue?

BTW: How can I tell from the catalogue if an order would have a large lead time?

I placed an order for SIT8008AC-23-33E-14.318181 and SIT8208AI-82-33E-17.734475 from the catalogue.

The 8008 series order was fulfilled immediately which I assume means that blanks are in stock. But the 8208 series order eventually got updated with a 25 week lead time. I thought if a SIT part was found in the catalogue, it was going to get programmed from blanks. Does that mean the stock of 8208 blanks is out? If so, how can I tell before ordering? Thanks.

If the part is Programmed by Digi-Key, you will need to request stock notification to know what the lead time is.

Hello @rrossi,

I have sent a request to add SiT8008AC-23-33E-17.734475 to the system. The part should be on the website in the next 48 hours. Please check the site at that time.

Also, the 8208 is currently on backorder.

Thank you!