New SiTime PN Request: SiT8008BI-12-33S-10.594651

Could you please have SiT8008BI-12-33S-10.594651 added to the website?

Also what is the average lead time for having these custom programmed?


Wecome to the Technical Forum. I have sent the request through to have the part added . It does take about 48 hours for you to see it on the website. I am not sure on the lead time. As long as we have the blanks to program it usually is pretty fast. Lead time should show on the website when it is added I believe.

I just got the e-mail back and the part is created. The website does have to update before it shows up . So it could still be about 24 to 48 hours. It just depends on when the website updates. Just wanted to let you know the part has been created and will show up soon.