NKK S series suffixes

When it comes to the S series from NKK, there as a multitude of different suffix options, many with very different customizations.
However the S series is a bit complex.
Firstly, the series is split into three sections; High, Medium, and Low capacity. Each of these different sections have a different datasheet. Beyond that, many of the suffix and custom options will also have a different datasheet.

So, how is a person to tell what each suffix means?
Well, let’s use PN: S28AW, which has several suffix variations, as an example. There is S28AW and four suffix variations. 30, 45, B and F
The fastest way to decode the suffixes at a glance would be to use Digi-Key’s comparison tool.

  • By comparing S28AW and S28AW45 we can see the only differing feature is the actuator length of 45mm.
  • Suffix 30 similarly only differs with an actuator length of 30mm.
  • Suffix B includes a waterproofing boot
  • and Suffix F has 0.250" Quick connect terminals instead of the standard solder lugs.

Additionally, while having several dozen datasheets for a series can be confusing, it also means that most every suffix can be found somewhere on their datasheet.
Looking again at our four examples, by clicking the individual datasheets, we can find the same information.

  • S28AW45 pulls up a datasheet with a bold heading of “IP67 Rated Toggle with 45mm Lever
  • S28AW30 pulls up a similar heading of “IP67 Rated Toggle with 30mm Lever
  • S28AWB has a bold IP68 Rated notice on its first page, with more clarification on the second page. “Waterproofing, achieved with boot at base of lever…
  • S28AWF is a bit harder to find, as it pulls up the standard series datasheet. However, on page 6 under the notes for the table that includes the base number S28AW, we see “For .250” Quick Connect terminals, add “F” to end of part number