Non-Chinese PoE Jack

The following PoE+ jack works perfectly for us 0826-1X1T-GJ-F ! However, we found out the country of origin is China, and our client doesn’t allow that. Trying to find a PoE jack w/magnetics that isn’t made in China has been really difficult.

Any suggestions?


Hi @airpanther ,

Thank you for contacting DigiKey TechForum. I am checking into this and will get back to you as soon as I get information.

@airpanther ,

Click here for a list of our most similar products with similar specifications, or Click here for a list of 4-core only jacks. I didn’t filter down the specifications too much such like LED color etc, as depending on what you need versus price, availability etc. Please pick a few from the list based on each datasheet specifications and drawings to make sure they will work for your application, and use MyLists tool preferably per below post to gather quickly COO (country of origin) along with much more information.

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Pro tip: Filter to a slate of candidate products 500 or less in number, and use the “Download Table” function.
Then re-upload as a list, so as to be able to download again via the MyLists tool with commerce-related attributes (COO, lead time, MOQ, ECCN, etc.) appended.

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