Help me find the correct rj45 jack socket

Hi there, can I have some assistance finding the correct rj45 jack to sit on to this motherboard please.

Original port is a standard shielded jack. No fancy led lights or anything.

Thanks in advance

Many of these jacks include the magnetics or other electronics hidden inside the housing.

Are there any markings on the old jack?

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Hi thanks for the reply, this has absolutely no markings on, iv put in some more photos closer up of the part that came off the board I’d imagine it’s a pretty standard fitting smaller Ethernet connector but I just can’t find it :frowning_face:

Please see if this Wurth PN might be a match:

615008140621 Würth Elektronik | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Thank you, that is the correct connector we’ve just order a bulk on them.