Obtain AppKey


I recently purchased a Laird Ambient Sensor 455-0002-ND but it didn’t come with the AppKey. I need to provision it in our ACS Server, how can I get the AppKey information?

Hello @prubio,
The AppKey should be on a removeable label attached to the device per the Laird User Guide https://www.lairdconnect.com/documentation/user-guide-sentrius-rs1xx-sensor-configuration

Hello Prubio,
CS-GUIDE-RS1xx_v2_4.pdf (2.1 MB)
Please see the attached user guide, specifically page 11.

The AppEUI is defaulted at the time of manufacture.




The sensor did not come with the removable label that is being mentioned. Is there any other way to look it up?

Hello @prubio,
The AppKey is write only and cannot be read out of the device for security reasons. You can change the AppKey with Laird’s mobile app Using the Sentrius RS1xx Sensor App | Laird Connectivity when setting the LoRa configuration.