How to Identify a Laird Technologies ECCOSORB AN-xx Product

There may be some doubt when trying to identify a Laird Technologies Eccosorb@AN broadband microwave absorber sheet. Questions often arise regarding the correct AN-xx product designation where xx is a numerical code within the series.

Locate these products on our site by following this category path: Product Index > RF/IF and RFID > RFI and EMI – Shielding and Absorbing Materials > (Series Filter = Eccosorb@AN). Here are the results at the time of posting (your results may vary in the future) [click here ].

If the manufacturer’s product code is known, search our site and find the product within the category given above and go directly to the product page. Clicking on any part number within the list above will do the same. Using Laird part number 78084099 as an example, look for our AN-xx code on the following page since it may not show up in an overall site search: [click here ]. Scroll to the bottom and look for the title of “Other Names” to see if the AN-xx code is given there. In this case, it is confirmed as AN-74.

If the existing AN-xx product code is unknown, or the question is which product is needed for an application, there is a performance chart within the Laird datasheet which shows the reflectivity range (based on application needs) or the thickness (to identify an existing product). [click here ].

Note that each AN-xx code corresponds to a specific reflectivity range and nominal thickness. The thickness value correctly identifies any existing product, and this number is searchable on our site using the filters in the RFI and EMI – Shielding and Absorbing Materials category.

Questions may also arise regarding the color of the Eccosorb@AN product. In most cases, the product will have black or white (lighter) areas, but not all photos appear the same. This is simply because there is a white (coated) side that should face the signal to be attenuated, and the back side remains uncoated. There are also customized, sealed versions of Eccosorb@AN products in olive green or a requested color. In the same document as before, see the “Environmental Properties” section and the “Instructions for Use” section: [click here ]. Note the two examples, below, that show a back side (uncoated) and a front side (coated).

You can find the Eccosorb@AN products any many more by searching our Digi-key home site: [click here ].