Old connector

I’m looking for connectors on picture. Anyone know their name or type?

Hello anyholm
Thank you for contacting the TechForum.
I am sorry, but at this time I am unable to verify what that connector is. If you have any other information on it or the type of product it is used on maybe we can search that way to try and find out what it is.

Hi Paul.

Sorry, there is no marking on connector. It’s at an old machine from 90’s I think. We are changing the old circuit boards but will keep solenoids. So it would be handy to keep the cables with connectors as is.


Hello @anyholm,

You might want to try and take the housings apart and see if there is any information on the insert. It is a shot in the dark, however some of the inserts that we carry in our Heavy Duty Connectors category have markings on the inserts you may not be able to see when they are in the housings. You may also find that when you open it that it is easier to swap connectors if you are building new boards anyways,