Omron time delay relay identification

I have an Omron time delay relay connector that I need to replace. However, I do not know the part number and I believe this product is no longer in production so I would like to see what model I can use instead of what I currently have.

I have this information about my current time delay relay timer:
H37-2 Timer
Source AC119v
Contact 5A
250VAC Resistive

Does anyone know of the part number of this time delay relay or what a replacement might be?

Here are some images of the timer:


Hello @asctest,

Welcome to the technical forum. I believe H3Y-2 AC100-120 60M would be the Omron part. Its not in our system, we could quote it. Turnaround time normally 3-5 business days for a non-catalog quote. Send me a private message with the quantity and your customer number if you would like a quote.

A few alternative options can be found here, depending on the timing range needed and specs.


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Hello asctest,

Thank you for your post.

After looking at that part it looks like it matches our number Z12648-ND.

For the socket it looks like the only options we have for that are now obsolete except for the solder terminal style.


For the DIN mount style it would be the Omron numbers PYF08A, PYF08A-E and PYF08F.

Those unfortunately are all obsolete.

Awesome, thanks Jeff! I’ll reach out to see how I can get one from you.

Hey @Jeff_Aberle, this is embarrassing, but I can’t figure out how to send you a private message in this forum. Can you send me a message so we can start a conversation about ordering?

Thanks again!

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