ON Semiconductor FOD814X and FOD817X part number breakdown

For this Example I will use Fairchild/ON Semiconductor part number FOD814A3SD

FOD814 is the base part number.
“A” is calling out current transfer ratio.
“3” is calling out DIN EN/IEC60747-5-5 option “blank: is standard
“S” is calling out Surface mount “blank” would be through hole.
“D” is calling out tape and reel “blank” would be tube.
On a through hole part an additional “W” on the end of the part number is calling out wide (0.4”, 10.16mm) 4-Dip package “blank” standard (0.3", 7.62mm) 4-Dip package.

For further details please see manufacturer’s data sheet.

Listed below are the current parts in the DigiKey inventory. Additional variations may be available for special order.
FOD814300, FOD814300W, FOD8143S
FOD8143SD, FOD814A, FOD814A300
FOD814A300W, FOD814A3SD, FOD814AS