ON Semiconductor FOD814X and FOD817X part number breakdown

For this Example I will use Fairchild/ON Semiconductor part number FOD814A3SD

FOD814 is the base part number.
“A” is calling out current transfer ratio.
“3” is calling out DIN EN/IEC60747-5-5 option “blank: is standard
“S” is calling out Surface mount “blank” would be through hole.
“D” is calling out tape and reel “blank” would be tube.
On a through hole part an additional “W” on the end of the part number is calling out wide (0.4”, 10.16mm) 4-Dip package “blank” standard (0.3", 7.62mm) 4-Dip package.

For further details please see manufacturer’s data sheet.

Listed below are the current parts in the Digi-Key inventory. Additional variations may be available for special order.
FOD814300, FOD814300W, FOD8143S
FOD8143SD, FOD814A, FOD814A300
FOD814A300W, FOD814A3SD, FOD814AS