Onsemi Zener diode - difference between SZMMSZ and MMSZ series


Can any one please explains the di difference between family series SZMMSZ and MMSZ. The are exactly the same, so why different part numbers?


I have read in the data sheet an explanation of the SZ prefix

  • SZ Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique Site and Control Change Requirements

I think this resolve the inquiry.


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Hello @ammar.al-latifi

You are correct this is for the Automotive rating. Here is a snip from the datasheet as a reference for additional users who read this post.


Thank you Robert for your reply and addition of the data sheet.

BR / Ammar

by the way, for the marking of SZMMSZ5261BT1G, there are different marking when we buy from two different sources. See the photo attached, anyone can help verify or confirm?

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N1 is the proper marking for this part looking at page 3 of the datasheet. The differences in markings could be different manufacturing locations. Could be a difference in time between datecodes that have affected markings. Using the marking information on page 3 of the datasheet is the best way to verify.