OP27AZ/883 and OP27AZ/883C

What is the difference between OP27AZ/883 and OP27AZ/883C?

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I apologize, but I am unable to locate the part β€œOP27AZ/883” anywhere. However, I can explain the meaning of β€œ/883”.

The designation β€œ/883C” indicates compliance with MIL-STD-883, and the part OP27AZ/883C meets this standard.
The β€œC” represents the specific revision letter of the standard (such as B, C, D, etc.). MIL-STD-883C refers to the revision of the standard that was in place when the device was released. Any new production units must comply with the latest revision of MIL-STD-883.

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That’s the part numbering from the old AD (Analog Devices) OP27A Op-Amp product line.
The β€œZ” indicates the long obsolete 8-Lead CERDIP package for defense and aerospace applications. See the last page of the data sheet for the list of orderable part numbers.

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