Operating temperature

i would like to know the operating temperature of BHX1-2032-PC battery retainer.
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shekha shoukath


The manufacturer does not call out an exact spec for it. Do you plan on using them in extreme temperatures? If not you will be fine. They list that series in a design document here that explains they are rated for automotive grade temperature. http://www.memoryprotectiondevices.com/documents/powering-toll-tags.pdf

Thanks, Bobby

I would think it is what ever the operating temperature is of the battery.
data sheet https://data.energizer.com/pdfs/cr2032.pdf
Operating Temp: -30C to 60C

From the linked MPD articel:

Our solution was a customized version of our new, award-winning Glider line of battery holders.

That implies that the standard product is not suitable for the conditions discussed in the article.

Guessing at specifications often leads to problems years down the road. A safer guess is that the parts are rated for the normal small swing consumer product operating temperature range of 0°C to 50°C. Best option is to actually get a rating from the manufacturer so they can be held to account if things go wrong in the years ahead.

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