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On the “Order Status and History” page, when I click on a salesorder number I get information on that order, as expected. But if I right-click on that same link and select “Open Link in New Tab” I get “Recent Orders” (in a new tab), not what I expected. This is with Firefox on Mac in case that matters.

I hit the same situation, except on Windows, and the solution was easy. A regular click automatically opens the specific order details in a new tab.

So I guess you’re seeing a Mac specific problem caused by the javascript that automatically opens details in a new tab on Windows.

Thanks for your input, however I disagree. I get the expected behavior on other websites (Mouser or Microchip for example) but not on Digi-Key’s website. My desire is to stay on the order history page, hold down the modifier key to open clicked links in new tabs, and go down the list clicking on each order link. As a workaround I tried using a right-click and explicitly requested a new tab (which keeps me on the order history page) but this gives unexpected information in the new tab. So neither approach works like it does elsewhere. Seems like a website bug to me.

Somehow I guess I wasn’t clear or I’m completely missing what you want to happen.

On Windows a normal click keeps the order history page open in the existing tab and opens the details page for the clicked order in a new tab.


Thank you for your inquiry. My first recommendation is always to be sure your history and cookies have been cleared on your web browser. This is usually the issue when the problem is browser or OS specific. With that being said, if the issue persists I would recommend calling us at 1-800-344-4539 and ask for registrations. If you would rather email, you can do so with this address. registration@digikey.com

I do hope this helps!

Same here. But if I use the modifier key (or the context menu) to open that tab in the background (keeping the focus on the order history page, so I can click down the list), the contents of the tab(s) just opened don’t contain the expected order history, they contain a recent orders list. This behavior is unlike every other similar website I’ve used.

Hi Aaron,
That’s routine procedure here (when navigating between websites), but I tried it again just in case, and it makes no difference.

Okay, this is interesting… I tried a different browser (Safari, which is not my daily driver) and it works fine. So the problem seems to be a combination of Firefox and your website, as eliminating either one makes the problem disappear. I’m not inclined to pursue this further for my own interest’s sake, but I’m happy to assist with troubleshooting on this end if you decide to pursue it on yours.

I didn’t get that your issue was loss of starting tab focus. That’s not an issue for me in my usage of the order history system.

That’s one issue. The other issue is the contents of the opened tabs being not what was requested.

Revision: Actually, loss of focus is not an issue when using the context menu, only the modifier key. But either way, the new tabs contain the wrong stuff.

It is great news that it works as intended in safari. Knowing that it is a Firefox + Apple issue helps to narrow things down. Have you tried it in chrome at all?

Thank you for your assistance with this as we always want our website to be the most functional and accurate as it can be. If there is a problem with our site, we would want to get it fixed. If you come across more issues like this I would suggest that you use the feedback button our website as well as posting here. The reason why is that the feedback goes directly to those who work with our website and how it functions. I will of course get your comments and what I know about your experience sent over to them but it works best if they have direct communication from customers.


To be clear, I’m not at all convinced that it’s a Firefox + Apple issue, as my Firefox + Apple combination works correctly on Mouser / Microchip / Newark / eBay and numerous other websites. At this point, the evidence points to it being a Firefox + Digi-Key (or possibly Apple + Firefox + Digi-Key) issue. I don’t have a Windows or Linux desktop machine here to further narrow it down.

Sorry, no, I have not tried Chrome. I’m really not interested in investing more time or energy into troubleshooting this. That’s why I reported it to Digi-Key.

That is more than fair. I will pass on what I am seeing here to the appropriate people so they can look into it. Thank you!

Happy to help sir! I like to support Digi-Key when I can the same way you support me all the time!

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I have another website/browser issue to report. Carry on here, or start a new topic?


Post in either place. We can always move it to a new topic if we feel it would help additional users.

Here are two screenshots of the same webpage, one using Firefox, the other using Safari. With Firefox, the “Favorite” and “Share” buttons in the upper-right corner are missing. This is on a mid-2008 iMac running the latest versions of everything it supports - OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan, Firefox 78.10.1esr (64-bit), Safari 11.1.2. I can try on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro if that’s of any help.