Product tables now huge and not very usable


Hey there!

The table style on digikey has changed recently, and as a result, the page displays far, far less information at once on the website. As a result, it’s much, much harder to scroll through and compare the items based on all of their attributes. Not only do fewer items fill the eye, but most of the attributes fall off the screen, and it takes a much longer time to get an idea of the attributes of a component.

One work around i’ve found is to use Web Developer extension for chrome and “disable embedded styles” under CSS – but this isn’t ideal, because it resets on every single page, and breaks the styling for the attribute filters.

Here’s a screenshots of what I mean. The top is the current view, and the bottom is the old (without embedded styling). Is this huge styling a result of my own computer, or is this the genuine website styling now?


Hello, JSousa.

This is part of a test we’re currently running to evaluate some potential changes to our website. Feedback like yours is extremely valuable at this stage. I’ll make sure your concerns get to the development team in charge.

In the meantime, clearing your cache may help. If it doesn’t, you can try searching from a different source if possible. Thanks for your time, and I hope we can do better for you in the future.


Hi Matt, thanks for your quick reply!

When i load a Digikey page in chrome, the older, more compact design is shown initially, then it switches to the newer, larger design after about a second has passed. I tried clearing my cache, and the newer style shows up still.

Curiously, I tried to load the website in Firefox rather than Chrome, i find that the website remains normally styled. Could it be some other setting in my browser?

Edit: Ah – I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t happen using chrome Incognito.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, JSousa.

Our IT team is currently running a website test to gather feedback and data on a potential new website layout, as mentioned. Unfortunately there’s no way to opt out of the test at this time, visitors are randomly selected during the test period’s run. That said, you can also submit direct feedback on the website test layout yourself with the “Send Feedback” button on the website, as shown here:

I’ve also forwarded this thread to our development team as well, they should be monitoring it. If you’ve found ways to get at the old layout in other browsers or browser options, excellent. I’d continue using those workarounds if possible. Apologies for the inconvenience this test has imposed on you, and thanks again for chiming in with your opinion. This really is exactly the sort of thing our dev team needs to hear when running tests like this.