Search issues with new table format

I would like to provide feedback that I find the “new” (not sure how new it is now) table format a backwards step compared to before and I am having trouble using it.
The biggest issue for me is the grouping of 3 x digikey parts numbers for T&R, CT & DR into one field in the table. This means that when you try and narrow down your search by “packaging”, this does not work as expected and the packaging field remains visible at the top of the search pane (pain?).
I have some scripts which automatically parse these tables and create EDA parts libraries for Cadence Allegro, and these are now completely broken!
Please, please, Digikey - at least provide an option to revert back to how the tables used to be, for those that cannot work with the new format!

Many thanks

Hello @mrwaljit

Thank you for the feedback. I have forwarded it to our user experience team to review.

Thank You