Bad Request Errors and Missing Checkboxes

For the last few days I’ve been seeing odd issues where sometimes portions of the website, specifically the check boxes like those for filtering in-stock items, aren’t loading. They’ll usually appear if I refresh the page a few times or hit Apply though. Tonight I’m now seeing an issue that seems similar but now I’m completely unable to filter the MOSFET category for items with less than 500 mOhm Rds on. If I try, I receive a message saying “The page you requested is unavailable.” I’ve been able to reproduce this with multiple browsers.

Does anyone know what’s going on? Looking at the browser developer info, it looks like these are just failed API requests to Digikey.

I’ve attached a .gif showing the issues as well as showing the failed API responses coming from Digikey.

Digikey Site Error
Edit: You might have to right click on the animation and select Open Image In New Tab to be able to read it.

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I’ve been seeing the same problem for the last few days.

We are aware of the current issues, there have been other website errors that have re-surfaced as we have been developing new features. We have notified our IT team about the current issues and are trying to patch them as fast as possible. Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you. I’ve also seen items showing up in search results that are out of stock, even when I’ve specifically filtered for only in-stock items. For example, the link below is filtering comparators to those in-stock and sorting by price at qty 25, and the first result is NCS2200AMUT1G which is out of stock at Digikey and is only available from Rochester with an MOQ of 1946 pieces. Is this also a known issue?

Yes this issue is known; I would nevertheless encourage you and your colleagues of like mind to express your views on the status quo on this matter using the feedback tab.

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