"Exclude Marketplace" is ignored when filtering for "In Stock"

If I check “In Stock” and exclude Marketplace items, search will return items that are out of stock at Digikey if they are in stock from a Marketplace vendor. This is also a problem with respect to minimum order quantities. For example, AD8055ARTZ-REEL7 shows up as 53,065 in stock with minimum quantity 1, but it’s out of stock from Digikey, and the marketplace seller has a minimum order quantity of 198. This makes the exclude Marketplace search checkbox essentially useless.

Hello duckythescientist,

Sorry for this inconvenience. Unfortunately our website has been having these and other issues for some time now. Our team is working on this in hopes to get this fixed at some point in the future. Feedback is appreciated!

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@duckythescientist There are several products that have “combined” pages where marketplace parts are listed amongst our own part numbers. We used to have a set up where there were different product pages for marketplace parts, however, some things have changed because we wanted to try having unified pages because many customers were asking what the difference was between parts when it was simply a “marketplace” part number with the same specifications. The issue with combining pages though like this is that the filter for excluding marketplace parts won’t work on parts that have combined pages because the filters can’t account for the combined pages because all the specifications still apply and the original manufacturer part numbers are still there. Therefor in a round about way, the exclusion filter is ignored because it happens to land on the same “page” as manufacturer part numbers. So stock levels reported are often marketplace values rather than our values on those particular results, we have been trying to figure out what the best way to accomplish distinguishing this. The best way to currently know if a part has marketplace part numbers mixed in is to typically look for four part numbers (three for the different cut values that we have such as DKR, tape and reel, and cut tape) and one for the marketplace part.

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Hi duckythescientist,

Apologies for the current state of misleading interface on our website. You are singing a tune that tech support choir knows well. Web people are aware of some of the problems and are working on solutions, but feedback helps to prioritize work. Such feedback has maximum value when using the “Feedback” tab on the side of each page. It is tracked and passed on to appropriate people.


Meanwhile, have you taken a look at the LMH6609MF/NOPB. It has the same pinout and similar specs. It might be worth a look if you need parts soon. As of this writing, we have 5815 in stock.

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Thanks for the fast responses! I reported the issue through the feedback side tab and also linked in the forum post. (And the LMH6609 should work fine.)