Looking for FXAS21002CQR1

Hi, I would to know if this part is in stock? FXAS21002CQR1. when I check stock part, it show in search, but component said Obsolete. Can we still buy it?

Welcome To the Tech Forum Dstpierre1,
I am sorry to inform you that there is no cross for PN FXAS21002CQR1CT-ND
We have it available on marketplace products, so you can order it with an online order.
It will be dropped shipped to you from Flip Electronics.

Thank you again for using the Digikey Technical forum.

Ok, how to add it to my cart then? In other word, how can I order from marketplace? There is no button “add to cart” for that component

On the product detail page if you hit the expand pricing button here:
It will open up the cart menu shown here:

Please note that marketplace products are only available within the United states and that a minimum order quantity is required, in this case minimum quantity is 144.

I guess because I am in Canada, the button is omitted: