Not able to order any Analog devices part from digikey

I am trying to add any analog devices part in my Digikey cart it doesn’t get added and says
‘Due to restrictions, we are unable to add this item to your order’ parts are also in stock

The same component with other people’s Digikey accounts gets added

I have tried with following components
And many other Analog device components

I want to know why my Digikey account is not able to add any analog device parts to the cart

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Hello, Commercial. Welcome to TechForum!

You will have to contact our Global Customer Support team, at to investigate why your specific account is blocked from ordering Analog Devices parts. I am very sorry, unfortunately we do not have access to the systems that would allow us to determine that information here on TechForum, nor are we going to make you expose your account credentials on the forum. Thank you, and please have an excellent day.