Is this part REALLY available?

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Y09590R01000F9L VPG Foil Resistors | Resistors | DigiKey

These parts have either become obsolete or are no longer being made by the manufacturer to be purchased on the market. DigiKey has made this product orderable by the factory in bulk. How likely is it that these parts will be made available to DigiKey since the manufacturer has pulled their availability from the market??

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Hi @steve.cass ,

This product looks like it has been pulled from the general market, however, is still available for backorder. Looks like we have an estimated 3-month backorder delay when purchased but the actual time will depend on the numbers of orders the manufacturer receives.

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Mouser offers the F0L version of the part in singles and claims it will have stock in a month and a half.

Yes! I saw that. Thanks for pointing it out.

May I suggest that if you cannot obtain the Y09590R01000F9L, you also might consider the following:

FHR4V-0R01F1 10mOhms ±1%, ±25ppm/°C, 40W Metal Foil Current Sense Resistor with Kelvin sense


The temperature coefficient is not as tight as the Y09590R01000F9L (which is rated ±10ppm/°C) and long term stability is not as good (between 0.1% and 0.5%, depending on stress vs. 0.02% for the Y09590R01000F9L), but it is otherwise pretty comparable, and is available today. As it is physically smaller, it would also require a board revision, but it might still be worth consideration.

Thank you very much for that. The consideration we have, however, is that we designed a PCB with the lead dimensions of the other part, and we’d have to modify somehow (not that this is impossible, we just don’t want to do it).

Totally understand. Just thought I’d throw it out there if you run into a dead end with your part.