Which version of the DFR0023 module does DigiKey sell?

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The photo on the product page shows the v2 board. I know those are only representative, but I’m looking for the v4 board. Which version of the board does DigiKey sell?

Hello SonOfSofaman and welcome to the forum,

We would not be able to guarantee the board revision of a part if no part number changed came from the manufacturer DFRobot. We may be able to accommodate if you put a note in your order during checkout requesting the revision. depending on how long ago the change happened the old stock may have cycled out by now.

If the change was very recent chances are we still have v2 or v3.

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Thank you for the help, @Michael_Rudi. I really appreciate it!

For anyone reading this, the parts I received have the v4 board so maybe old stock has indeed cycled out. No guarantee of course. The DFR0023 sensor includes the board and a connector, a direct replacement for the damaged part I was replacing.