Widespread Website Bugs

I’m posting this because, as a longtime user of Digikey, I am growing increasingly frustrated with the widespread issues plaguing the website. I will just list a few here.

  1. Webpages don’t load correctly approx 50% of the time. This is especially an issue on product pages. Very often I have to reload a product page 4-5 times to get the pricing info to load in. In my cart, none of the product pictures are loading in, at all. Trying to modify my cart, for example deleting an item, fails with error messages. Other times I might try to modify the quantity of an item and it will fail silently. Frankly, I no longer have confidence that what I am seeing on my screen is accurately reflecting what is in my cart.
    These mostly seem to be server side issues. I first started reporting them a month or 2 ago. The situation has only deteriorated since then and it is on the verge of rendering Digikey unusable for me.

  2. Another issue involves a potential issue with Digikey server security. Many times I have loaded a product search page, and it has loaded in fields that I believe are part of the Digikey backend - info I shouldn’t be seeing as a customer. This raises questions in my mind as to whether the Digikey servers have security risks. Again, this is an issue I have reported previously, and it is still happening.

  3. Another, less frequent issue - sometimes logging into my Digikey account will fail. Is the login server stable?

Overall, the impression is that there are serious and deteriorating problems with the Digikey server backend. As a customer I am experiencing a significant impact from it. It needs to be addressed.

Hi Colin,
Thank you for highlighting these issues. I’ll try to cover what I know so far.

The pricing not loading on product pages is definitely one where you are not alone, this is a top priority issue.

I don’t have firsthand knowledge of current issues around the cart, but we are looking into it.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you might be referring to the Workflow filter which has showed up from time to time. This bug was fixed in the past couple weeks . This Workflow field a convenience field used by the team that curates our parametric data.

This is another one I don’t have an answer to yet, but we are passing it along to the responsible team.

I’m sorry I don’t have complete answers, but I also didn’t want to leave you hanging for too long, Thank you for providing your error reports both here and in the feedback tab on the site.


Thanks for your response Ben. I posted here because things seemed to be deteriorating a lot recently, and I was getting concerned that maybe people on your end just didn’t have awareness that it was happening.

This may be a complete nonsense from me, but I sort of feel like maybe the Digikey servers are just getting overloaded with requests, and they are actually dropping packets (or something to that effect). If something like that were happening it would make sense given the glitches I’ve been noticing.

And yes, I saw the Workflow field. Another weird thing that was happening and I think I reported a few weeks ago - the fields on the search pages would load out of order. Like the columns would get swapped randomly. For example part footprints would end up next to the price instead of all the way on the right.

In any case, good luck and I hope it improves!