Oscillator frequency change after reflow soldering

For Epson oscillator TG2520 range how long after reflow soldering does the frequency stabilise? I believe the frequency change halves after 24 hours but when does it ultimately approach say 95% recovery? Is there a graph of this source of frequency drift/recovery over time?

Hello bking,

Thank you for your inquiry. Once the chip is cooled it will function as listed on the datasheet. Chips after reflow usually cool within a few hours. If the parameters per datasheet after cooling are still not met, then the profile of the reflow oven temperatures may be incorrect and heating the chip up too much causing failure of the device.

Since these components are now soldered to the board, they are basically heat-sunk to the board and should have fairly uniform temperature within a few hours. Performing an infrared temperature reading of the board and individual components will help determine temperature settling time, as it will depend on the amount of solder used, board thickness, and overall board size along with other process variables.