Reflow profile for FA-238 40.0000MB-C

I’m looking for a reflow profile for the FA-238 40.0000MB-C Epsom Timing oscillator.
We are having some issues post reflow where the part doesn’t function. If I remove the part and manually solder another similar part onto the PCB. It works after.
It maybe that the max temperature during reflow is damaging the component.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have checked all the data sheets and logged onto the Seiko Epsom Corporation, but cannot come across any such information.


Hello Tonyk37 and welcome to the Forum,

I wasn’t able to ID this right away, I’ve sent inquiry internal to have this looked at. I’ll get a reply when we receive it.

Hello @tonyk37

Please review the following graph for reflow information on that product.

image001 (10)