Outdoor UV Resistant Waterproof Rocker Switch

E-Switch Number RB541A1100 is the switch I’m looking at. I need a 15A DPST switch (Doesn’t have to be a rocker) and it needs to be able to be panel mounted in my enclosure and directly exposed to sunlight and rain or else have a cover that may be…

This is right for you: RRA12C1121 E-Switch | Switches | DigiKey

RB541A1100 is IP67 rating so is waterproof. Are you looking for something different? This part is in stock.

Hi LukeKnepp,

I had checked with our Product Specialist regarding if the RB541A1100 had UV resistance. Unfortunately that did not come standard as an option for the switch. It may be available as a special order manufacturer minimums and lead time would apply. If you are interested in a special order let us know your estimated annual usage. This may be easier to proceed with this over the phone feel free to give us a call your Technical reference number is (Removed by Admin for privacy)

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