Rocker switch identification

I have a switch from a cement mixer that I am trying to replace. Pictures included.

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What are the dimensions of the panel cut-out? Does the switch remain in whichever position you switch it to (in other words, does it stay, or does it spring back to the original position)? Does it have two positions or three (meaning, does it have a middle position)?

A top view might also be useful.

The switch is on or off; no middle position.

Mounting hole is 1 1/8 inch x 7/8 inch.



Well I could not get the exact size. You can look at part number EG4749-ND. This is rated for 20A. This is a link for all the options for the similar size:

Thank you, will do.

I ordered the switch you recommended and received it today. Only issue is it only has 4 lugs whereas I need 5. The odd one is where power enteres the switch. ( the black wire)
Do you have another suggestion that fits. As long as the size it not too far off, I can open the dimensions up a little, without problems.
I’ll keep the 2 switches I got as I may need them for something else.
I patiently await your assistance.
Thx again.


I thought I might take a crack at finding this switch for you. Can you tell me if the switch has any illumination? If so, do you know what the voltage is in the circuit it came out of?

It sounds to me like the switch you pulled out of your equipment was the original OEM part. Sometimes strange things are found from OEMs. I have seen it happen where they will order custom made switches to save on cost in some way that makes sense only to an OEM ordering at extremely high quantities. I have searched and I have not been able to find a five terminal version of the switch. This makes me wonder if this is custom.

This is my reasoning.
First, you can Click here to see the options I found. Regardless of brand, you will see that they are all similar in the sense that they come in a DPST or DPDT.

The DPST will only have four terminals as there is only one state of “ON” for each pole, Terminals are not needed for “OFF”.

The DPDT however has six terminals because It will switch from one state of “ON” to another state of “ON” for each pole

It is possible that your switch was made to be Single Throw on one side and Double Throw on the other side.

I think a switch like this that is DPDT will work just fine. Simply do not use the extra terminal.


DESCRIPTION Rocker Switch DPDT 20A (AC) 125 V Panel Mount, Snap-In

No illumination. It’s simply an non- off switch with 5 terminals.

AaronRollens EG1528-ND option should be a great choice if you need 5 or 6 tabs.

EG4749-ND you received would also work, if you have only two wires going up to the switch.

But as always, it is a good idea to review the datasheet before ordering.

I tried to order the swich you recommended during our previos chat but it keeps saying UNAUTHORIZED. How do I order (2) of the EG1528-ND switches you suggested. You should have my shipping information from last order. THX

Hi @mdf4fixer ,

Thank you for letting us know. Our sales department will be able to help with this order. Please contact with your customer number or call 800-344-4539.