Need help identifying rocker switch

Trying to identify PN on this rocker switch. It’s marked Carling 0405. It’s a rocker switch that’s on at top, off at neutral, and on at bottom. 12 volt, panel mount. Thanks!


“Rocker switch” would be a suitable search term–select the resulting product family from the results.

From there, I’d select the “Mom-Off-MoM” switch function, and look for something with a panel cutout dimension to fit. Perhaps also the manufacturer if you actually care about that, but you’re probably looking for something to do the job, more so than being a perfect match in all respects. Apply to see results.

If one skips the mfr and looks for things that are in stock, one’s left with these. Switches are in short supply like everything else these days, so the options with stock are limited. You’ll probably want something with at least a 10A current rating.

Is this a trim switch for a boat?

Yes! Thanks. Looking for same switch with screw terminals.

Robert Kramer


Take a look at the link below for the ones with screw terminals that we have to offer check panel cut out size to see if any of these will work for you .

Thanks Craig.