Panasonic Grid Eye Software and/or Case Studies

At 6:05 into this video, Panasonic Infrared Array Sensor Grid-EYE® - YouTube, the Panasonic Representative mentions Super High-Resolution Software for the Grid Eye Infrared Array Evaluation kit. He also mentions that it was developed for the automotive industry and is accomplished by “sweeping the array” but doesn’t explain how that is done. The Super High Resolution process is outlined in more detail in this Panasonic publication, Grid-EYE Thermal Sensing Solutions - Panasonic . Being able to access this high-resolution capability would make the array much more useful, and as such I am very interested in locating the referenced software and any white paper, case study or documents that discuss the associated application.

Bruce Franco

Hi Bruce Franco,

I don’t see that Panasonic has further information published publicly on those resolution algorithms. One would imagine however, you can greatly increase resolution of 8 pixels by using a stepper motor in a scanning/sweeping motion.

One other thing that might be of interest, Adafruit published some python libraries that do some interpolation of the grid to smooth out the resolution.

Click here for Adafruit tutorial for Grid-Eye

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Thanks for the reply and the link, Kristof. I guess scanning would make sure that the best image is obtained by always making sure that at least one image is centered on the sensors array.

The sensor would be so much more useful if that software were made available. I wonder why Panasonic seems to have lost interest in this sensor for the IoT community? Maybe they are only concerned about marketing it to the automotive industry, but even there it doesn’t seem like the range is sufficient to be of much value. Digikey lists the evaluation board as obsolete, but it still seems to be available for order on a few other websites.