Part description standards

I would like to know more about how parts are named. I would like to have more standardization in my own organization’s MRP system. I usually default to the Digi-Key naming but it’s not always uniform. Are descriptions of the style “Type Value Tolerance Size” for example, a Yageo 311-0.33AQCT-ND “RES 0.33 OHM 1% 1W 2010” derived from any standard? Here’s another Yageo, 311-10.7KHRCT-ND “RES SMD 10.7K OHM 1% 1/10W 0603” in a different format. Isn’t the SMD redundant, when you already have 0603 at the end? Personally I favor the first example, where the value is second. Where can I find more information about how those choices are made?


The product descriptions you see on the website do not follow any “official” standard per-se, though they are typically generated in formulaic fashion based on the primary attributes of the described component. Those formulae are crafted by a small cadre of long-suffering and (IMHO) under-appreciated folks in NorthWest Cubeville, whose task is (among other things) to decide how to allocate a finite number of character spaces to produce descriptions that maximize relevance and meaning to the broadest audience possible: character strings like 0603 or 0805 might imply a surface mount component for techie folks, but have no mental significance for a purchasing agent for example.

Apparent inconsistencies in description formulae will appear, because the formulae do get tweaked from time to time and the descriptions are not dynamically generated. There are good reasons for that, which may or may not apply in the context of your own organization’s needs. Note also that the detailed descriptions found on the product pages may be somewhat more consistent within a product family–these came about more recently as bits became cheaper and thus are likely to reflect a shorter period of accumulated revisions.

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We also have a “Site Questions and Suggestions” link found here: This is a good place where questions, comments and suggestions regarding uniform descriptions or any other suggestions can be addressed.

This link was located under “Contact Us” under our Digi-Key Site Map page:

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