Alternate Names/Numbers for Products

Have you ever been given a part number to search for that comes up under something completely different on our website? There is a reason for this, sometimes alternate part numbers have been used in the past either by Digi-Key, a few customers, or the manufacturer used to use a different format. I picked three random part numbers to demonstrate this.

The first one is a small memory IC: 497-8634-1-ND; M24C04-RDW6TP. There are three alternate names for this part number: 497-8634-2; M24C04-RDW6TP-ND; and finally M24C04RDW6TP.

The second one is a BNC to BNC adapter: 501-1038-ND; 3846. There are also three alternate names for this part: 1924534; 501-1038, and 5935001054642.

The last one is a socket to socket cable assembly: SAM8928-ND; IDSS-08-D-05.00-G. This one has four alternate names: IDS-S-08-D-05.00-G; IDS-S-08-D-05.00-G-ND; Q7739096A; and SAM8928.

Most of these alternate names will lead directly to the same part number when used on our site. There are some instances where several results show up, you’d have to know what kind of part it is beforehand or click on the parts that have stock if multiple parts come up in the same category. If you click the blue highlighted parts above, they will lead to the part pages. The information at the top is the most up-to-date with the current Digi-Key part number/numbers and manufacturer part number.

This is the first part I listed, there are three Digi-Key part numbers listed for the packaging, and the current manufacturer part number is also listed. If you scroll all the way down on the part page you will see “Additional Resources”, this will show the alternate numbers we have for the product on file.
The alternate names are just that, simply names that people/companies used at one point in time.