TE Connectivity part numbers for Military Specifications

Here at Digikey we get calls on TE Connectivity part numbers the customer is looking for but they don’t show in our system. Yet, we still carry them! An example for one of these part numbers is M81824/1-1, if you search this number on our website as shown here:

You will get zero results, our system does not recognize this number. However, we do carry this part as a regular stock item, I’ll show you why this can happen. We know if you search part M81824/1-1 on the Digikey site you get zero results but if you look on the TE Connectivity website you will see this:

Four different numbers for the same part. Notice number M81824/1-1 is the Mil-Spec number assigned to this part, there is also the TE Internal Description number listed as D-436-36CS454. Search part number D-436-36CS454 on the Digikey website and you will see we carry this part as a regular stock item:

Keep this in mind the next time you search the Digikey site for a TE Connectivity part number and you get no results. It may be that we have a different manufacturer number assigned for the same part like this one D-436-36CS454.

Applicable Part Numbers