Part Identification / Information Request

Can you tell me how these products come? Are they numbered or just plain ident tags?



Hello Jon.S and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum!

I am unfortunately not entirely sure what you mean when asking if they are numbered or just plain identifier tags. If you are referring to the part itself having a sticker or a stamp that indicates the part number, I do not believe they do. If you are wondering if they are all separated out and identified with labels, however, then the answer would be yes.

If your inquiry is neither of those, please elaborate a bit further what you’re looking for and we will do our best to assist.


Hi @jon.s If you are referring to 0824605 UniCard labels for the CLIPLINE series, it is a “custom labeled” sheet of 48 individual pieces. These are custom printed per each individual order and cannot be returned. This product requires Phoenix Contact’s Clip Project File upon submitting your order, and is recommended you download the free Phoenix Contact software and submit your file when placing the order.

Click here for PROJECT COMPLETE - Software 1050453

Otherwise you should be able to configure the custom labeling when ordering from Phoenix Contacts website:

0818069 (277-5365-ND) is the recommended “Blank” non-custom version.

Thank you! That is what I needed to know.

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