Ordering Custom Terminal Blocks from Phoenix Contact

When looking at the datasheet for the 3001879 or 3001875 terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact you will find the phrase “Individual color assignment of cable and terminal point to ensure error-free, safe operation”, but what does that mean exactly.

This terminal block is made to order so when you order you can put the colors you want in the order notes and they will be made with those color choices.

Please use the following color codes:
Blue [BU]
Red [RD]
Gray [GY]
Yellow [YE]
Green [GN]
Brown [BN]
White [WH]
Black [BK]
Violet [VT]
Orange [OG]
Pink [PK]
Turquoise [TQ]

You can choose one color for each level. The 3001875 has 4 levels and the 3001879 has 8 levels. For the examples below only the order note is needed for your order. The rest of the table is just provided as a reference.

Example notes for the 3001875:

Level-1 Level-2 Level-3 Level-4 Order Note
Red Blue Black Pink [RD][BU][BK][PK]
Blue Blue Black Black [BU][BU][BK][BK]
Red Red Red Black [RD][RD[RD][BK]
Pink Turqouise Pink Turqouise [PK][TQ][PK][TQ]
Black Black Black Black [BK][BK][BK][BK]

Example notes for the 3001879:

Level-1 Level-2 Level-3 Level-4 Level-5 Level-6 Level-7 Level-8 Order Note
Blue Brown White Orange Turqouise Black Yellow Violet [BU][BN][WH][OG][TQ][BK][YE][VT]
Blue Blue Blue Blue Black Black Black Black [BU][BU][BU][BU][BK][BK][BK][BK]
Red Blue Red Blue Gray Gray Gray Gray [RD][BU][RD][BU][GY][GY][GY][GY]
Red Yellow Red Yellow Red Yellow Red Black [RD][YE][RD][YE][RD][YE][RD][BK]
Gray Gray Gray Gray Gray Gray Gray Gray [GY][GY][GY][GY][GY][GY][GY][GY]

These custom terminal blocks are assembled by the manufacturer not by DigiKey so manufacturer lead times will apply.