Part listed vs part delivered

I want to purchase 30 each BFP540FESDH6327XTSA1 however when I click on the datasheet I get a sheet for a BFP640FESD, that is not a replacement. Which part will I get if I complete the order?

Paul Playford,

Hello Paul (@w8aef), welcome to the forum! According to Infineon, that datasheet (linked here to make sure we’re looking at the same one) is the correct datasheet for BFP640FESD. In short, BFP640FESD and BFP540FESDH6327XTSA1 are the same part.

We have that version of the datasheet linked on our site because it’s more detailed, but you can see it confirmed on Infineon’s website, here is a shorter version of the datasheet that explicitly shows the expanded part number under “ordering information” at the bottom of page 1:

And in case you need it, here is the link to Infineon’s site where you can see the other documentation they have posted: BFP540FESD - Infineon Technologies

The problem is that the BFP640 part is much smaller than the BFP540 and will not fit in the 540’s footprint.

Paul Playford

My bad.

The BFP540FESDH6327XTSA1 is in a TSFP-4-1 package whereas the BFP540 / BFP540H6327XTSA1 is in a SOT343 package. How can I obtain the latter part?

For future use how can I be sure the BFP540 part I order is the BFP540 part I get? How many characters of a part number are significant to that part?


An incorrect datasheet was linked on the BFP50xxxxxx product page at the time of writing, which appears to have caused some confusion. This error has been reported and should be corrected with the next update.

Absent errors during the fulfillment process, the part number ordered is the part number that will be delivered.