Part Number: 1318756-2 need to order Power Contacts from Digikey

For the connector: 1318756-2. Could not find the Power Contacts from Digikey. In the drawing file for Contact Size(M): 7116-4021, 8240-4892,4R1191-0004E for 1.25mm2 cable size. But I could not find any of these Power contacts on Digikey. Can someone help? Thanx


The three manufacturers listed in the drawing are Yazaki Parts Co., Tokai Rika Co., and Sumitomo Wiring Systems. I do not see either Yazaki Parts or Tokai Rika listed as suppliers on our site, but we do have some Sumitomo products. However, we do not have products from Sumitomo Wiring Systems. This could be a separate division or even a separate company that we don’t work with, so we aren’t able to order those contacts.

My conclusion is that we don’t have any of the power contacts available on our site. We only have the signal contact: [ 1123343-1 ]. You may need to find other sources. I was able to find 8240-4892 on the Sumitomo Wiring Systems site, for example, but it’s not clear how to order it: [ Sumitomo Wiring Systems 8240-4892 ].

Sorry I don’t have more to offer.