Help Finding Part

I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to find the equivalent part on your website to no avail.
I would prefer not to go to mouser but if I cant sort this ASAP I will have to unfortunately.

I need to fins these connectors for an automotive power distribution module; Form factor is Metri-Pack 280, I need to crimp to 12 AWG conductor.

Thanks for any help

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately, contacts cannot be crossed to another manufacturers contacts. The connector housing would have to use the contacts that are designed to be used with the housing.



Thank you for the response.
I am indeed trying to use the contacts that are designed to be used with the housing.
I have found those on mouser but what I am asking for is some help finding them on digikey so that I can use them instead.
This is not a mouser part, they just happen to to be a distributer just like digikey so I don’t see why the part cannot be found.
Unfortunately the search tools in digikey do not let me find this part easily and have come here for help.


Aptiv has a limited set of distributors and Digi-key isn’t currently one of them so finding them on our website isn’t going to be possible at present time.


Thank you for the heads up.
I was getting the feeling i wasn’t going to be able to get an aptiv branded part but was hoping that TE or someone would also have an equivalent; too bad.