Terminal Identification

Good morning,
I need some help identifying what terminal I have here.
any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

Hello @justin1,

We would have to identify the connector that the contact is to be used with. Could you please provide photos of the connector housing?

Thank you,


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![conn 2|281x500](upload://whTfVLsCrVvuYLJhV70rJ9bHO1g.jpeg) ![conn 3|690x388](upload://4CYqQA4PoHDTfKXFEAQPWEpeT1w.jpeg) Here's the housing. Thanks

Hello @justin1,

I believe that is an Aptiv/DELPHI GT 150 series connector. Unfortunately, we don’t carry that supplier or their crimp contacts. Please check with Aptiv to see where to purchase the part.



ok, thanks for your information