Trying to identify connector housing and crimp terminals


I’m trying to identify the 8-pin 1-row crimp type housing and correspondent terminals as on the photos. The pitch is ~2.5 mm and the pins are rectangular ~0.7 mm. The outer size of the crimp terminals is 1.5x2.5 mm and they have a latching mechanism on the top. If it is important, these terminals are connected to 24AWG wires. I need it to connect wires to the board (connection CH3/CH4 on the photo).

Please help me identify the part numbers or suggest alternatives that can do the same job.
Please let me know if I miss any important information. Additional photos in the first reply.

![PXL_20211214_060452955.MP|375x500](upload://4NCR8WHDSyBpOm0LI6gFCRUhHWX.jpeg) ![PXL_20211214_064447649.MP|375x500](upload://6mLCfJtfOakvVfNUAOmkaKaqBl0.jpeg) ![PXL_20211214_060301755.MP|375x500](upload://hCF7OsjVaHiz6wVUQIhHuILPvit.jpeg) ![PXL_20211214_060235433.MP|375x500](upload://gLD3OrV1vfGKOeKEeXwXdUbQF57.jpeg) ![PXL_20211214_060440215.MP|666x500](upload://rL6200xmM2le7ZvOC4hdb5v5onZ.jpeg)

Extra photos:

Could the pitch be 2.54mm? There are several possible 2.54mm and some 2.50mm options here.

Hi Oleg,

The header on the board looks very much like the 2.54mm pitch SWR25X-NRTC-S08-ST-BA

The mating connector housing for that header is the SWH25X-NULC-S08-UU-BA.

The crimp contact for that housing is the S9473CT-ND.

Sorry, the photos on the first message are not visible… Here they again:


The connector housing that you suggested, indeed, looks very similar but it is a little bit thicker (5.3 mm vs 4.5 mm original) and taller (12 mm vs 8 mm original). Maybe with new photos, you have a better idea of what that housing is.

Here is also photos of the crimp terminal. I don’t know whether it is important, but there are markings “L” and “250” on the housing, and logo.

Can you get a pitch measurement on that one? Measurement from socket to socket (measured from the center to center of the openings). Critical that be confirmed.

I found the actual connector:

Could you please suggest an alternative from the DigiKey catalog? Housing and crimp terminals only (the part for the board is not required).