Need to identify crimp terminal connector

need to replace crimp terminal connectors for a thermador oven cable harness but don’t know exact type. mice chewed thru the wiring & the harness is no longer made:


dd images

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what is the pin to pin pitch

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i don’t have digital micrometer but with my incra, i get 2.55 so it’s probably really 2.54? thanks in advance for your time/expertise/kindness…

yo, Robert-- just a note to say thanks-- your link to rectangular connectors was not intuitive to me. have experience in old house rewiring but am a newbie to this miniature stuff… thanks to you, was able to totally rebuild a cable harness with new connectors/molex housing to replace the cable that is no longer made by anyone for thermador int. ciruitry… Merry Christmas/Happy Hanakkah/Happy Kwanzaa… the oven didn’t work last year but we’ll have turkey this Thanksgiving!