Need help identifying terminal pin for a connector


After weeks of surfing the net, i still cant find this terminal pin.
Its for a connector for the engine control module on a mitsubishi lancer.


This is the connector that they go into


Any help is deeply appreciated,


Hello Frank , Thank you for contacting Digikey, parts that are in Automotive, medical as well as other area use special connectors in this case they are similar to back plane connectors, but I do not show any that match up to work for you. I am sorry but you be better locating this part at a automotive parts or a any similar place.

Hello @katmao,

Do you have any further pictures of the connector? Are there any markings on the connector? Often the key to finding a contact is identifying the manufacturer and series of the connector that is being used. Even if the connector itself is proprietary there is a chance if you can identify the manufacturer and series that you can find the contact as they are often shared through a series of housings.


Thank you for your fast reply.
I’ve tried looking in every nook and cranny of the the connector,
but unfortunately there are no markings on it.
Attached are the external photos of the connector.

By the way, do you happen to recognize the brand of this next connector?
I googled every possible combination, but no matches.


Hi katmao

You could perhaps consider purchasing the whole harness.

heke, AsamaLab

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