Part number clarification on Samsung Flash Memory

I’m trying to determine the differences between these two Samsung Flash Memory part numbers:

I was able to find the following datasheet: K9XXG08XXM. This datasheet shows information for K9WBG08U1M-P but doesn’t show the meaning of the trailing "0"s.

Do these part numbers refer to the same parts? If not, what are the differences? What is the meaning of the trailing "0"s?

Welcome to the TechForum! I have looked into your question of the differences between the two parts. But I was not able to find information regarding those differences. The suffix of the “0” could call out a revision of the part.

Hi Steven_14444,
I’ve tried contacting Samsung Semiconductor directly (web page inquiry form) but no one from Samsung has responded yet. I’m hoping, being that Digikey is a distributor for Samsung Semiconductor, that someone from Digikey can contact Samsung’s technical support directly.