Part number suffix Nexperia

Digi-Key article 2156-NX3008NBKV/S500115-ND is a Nexperia NX3008NBKV with an additional suffix “S500” (plus 115 for pack size/form) - what is this “S500” standing for?
Cannot find in manufacturer data sheet or so…
Thx a mil


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key , this is a marketplace part that is sold through Digi-Key by Rochester Electronics, LLC I cannot confirm what the S500 is in their part number as it does not show up as a valid part number on the manufacturer web site , This part was taken over by Nexperia 06-Feb-2017 . You will have to contact Rochester electronics to get the info for the S500 and why they added it to the manufacturer part number . below is a link for Nexperia for the part number . Click on the order tab for the orderable part number shown as NX3008NBKV,115

Thanks Craig