I need help finding this part

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i need help finding this part/full part number
i need a replacement on this item. i dont know is this a smd transistor or ic transistor
the marking on it is wu3 67

thankyou for all the help

Welcome to the community!

The marking is for PESD15VS2UT.

Can you tell me the steps for identifying this thing. because when i searched the internet for PESD15VS2UT, the marking is WU3 84, not WU3 67. is it interchangeable?

I haven’t found all the part marking info for Nexperia, but the 67 must be a date code.

For example, look at how Diodes marks DMP1045, in the SOT-23-3 https://www.diodes.com/assets/Datasheets/DMP1045UQ.pdf

so i can use any wu3 ## then to replace it?

PESD15VS2UT or an equivalent with the same specs.

is PESD15VS2UT and PESD15VS2UT,215 the same thing?

can it be interchangeable?

These are the same parts. The 215 is a packaging code. For reference to packaging codes see