Part Numbering for CX Series from Sensata-Crydom

We often get questions on how the part number breaks down for the CX series from Sensata-Crydom. Here is a breakdown from the datasheet.

There is also sometimes a B suffix, such as CX240D5-B. The B suffix indicates that it is a SPST-NC (1 Form B) rather than a SPST-NO (1 Form A) as contained in the relays without the B suffix.

CX Series Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
CC1063-ND CX240D5
CC1064-ND CXE240D5
CC1119-ND CX240D5R
CC1597-ND CX380D5R
CC1065-ND CX480D5
CC1599-ND CXE380D5
CC1120-ND CX380D5
CC1669-ND CXE240D5R
CC1066-ND CXE480D5
CC1665-ND CX240D5-B
CC1333-ND or 2266-CXE240A5-ND CXE240A5
CC1598-ND CX480D5R
CC1332-ND CX240A5
CC2289-ND CXE480D5R
CC1596-ND or 2266-CX240A5R-ND CX240A5R
CC1668-ND or 2266-CXE240A5R-ND CXE240A5R
CXE380D5R-ND or 2266-CXE380D5R-ND CXE380D5R