Sensata-BEI Encoder Part Number Suffixes

If you’ve ever been searching for a Sensata-BEI encoder, you know that their part numbers are very long and can be hard to decipher. e.g. HS25F-62-R10-BS-1024-ABZC-15V/V-SCS10-M12-S This post is being created to simplify this a little bit.

The last 4 suffixes of these part numbers can be simplified to voltage ranges, output location, output style and special features, respectively.

For full part number breakdown see page for of the datasheet: ourproducts_e25_datasheet.pdf (

Each of the suffixes in these part numbers has a significance but these last four are consistent across all of these encoder series’. So if you are in search of an alternative there may be some differences in these last four suffixes that could be used in your application

If there are any questions on this, please reply to this post and we will be happy to address them.