Omnivision OVT sensor part number -1B suffix meaning

Does anyone know what the -1B suffix on the [OV05640-A71A-1B] OmniVision image sensor ( means? We have a design that works with the non-1B part, and want to be certain the new chip will be OK without software or, even worse, hardware modifications. We’re about to do another production run and need to know how safe it is to commit to this different part number.

There is nothing in OVT’s datasheets other than a comment of “updated to -1B ordering code”, and there is no breakdown of the meaning of various elements of the ordering codes. Web searches and attempts to contact OVT directly haven’t yielded anything either.



Thank you for contacting Digi-Key .
I have sent this question over to the product management group . when I get an answer I will post it here for you .

Thanks Craig