TMP117AIDRVT TI Temp Monitor Chip

TMP117AIDRVT TI Temp Monitor Chip. On the data sheet, nothing is explained about the letter “AI” after TMP117 and the letter “T” on the end. I know DRV is the package of the chip but what is AI and T stand for? I tried to ask TI but the customer service person could not help and I tried to open the request case but their log in site was not working yesterday. Can somebody help on this? I appreciate it very much.

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Because of the current parts shortage problems, I’m currently helping battle the growing number of suffixes problem on a ton of parts for the purchasing guy at work. So I’ve gotten really fast at finding the solutions, although not always proper answers, to these suffix oddities.

If you go to the Package Option Addendum (pg 46) of the data sheet you can find enough info to confidently place an order.

Every single orderable part has the “AI” in the suffix. When I’ve spent the time to track this kind of situation further via old data sheet revisions, I’ve always found the suffix(es) used to have other options but those are no longer available so they simply dropped the explanation in the data sheet. Common suffixes that have been dropped over time include things like lead free, narrower temperature ranges, unpopular packages.

The “T” suffix has an “R” variant and in the table you’ll see that the quantity is different, “R” = 3000 and “T” = 250 pieces/reel.

Thanks Paul for your help.