Please help me identify Y3LU

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There are 7 components available from Texas Instruments. How do I identify the correct one.
The part numbers mentioned are TLVH431BQDBVR, TLVH431BQDBVRE4, TLVH431BQDBVT, TLVH431BQDBZR, TLVH431BQDBZRG4, TLVH431BQDBZT AND TLVH431BQDBZTG4. Can someone please help me identify the correct component


Use TLVH431BQDBZ as the base number since this appears to match the package/case. The list will be somewhat shorter: [ TLVH431BQDBZ ].

From there, any of the part numbers for our cut-tape packing will work, and the ‘T’ or ‘R’ suffixes only indicate different sizes of a full reel. The Q1 suffix is the option for the automotive rating AEC-Q100. So, part numbers TLVH431BQDBZRQ1 or TLVH431BQDBZT or TLVH431BQDBZR would work: [ TLVH431BQDBZ + Options ].There is a small difference in price.